18″ Dolls

When I was little (many moons ago) just before Barbies were the ‘in thing’, 18” dolls were popular in the UK.

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to buy what I would call the ‘in between dolls’, not baby dolls and not teenage dolls these are the type I had as a child. I remember mine was called Julie, she was a hard bodied doll with a bowl cut hair do and my mum used to knit and sew her clothes from patterns, most of which we still have.

Now my daughter is three I decided I’d get one of these dolls for her to play with (but mostly so I could have lots of fun making her beautiful clothes. Much to my disappointment I couldn’t find anything like what I remembered in the UK. I found that America seems to offer a lot of these dolls though with brands like ‘Amercan Girl’ which sell a vast range of beautiful dolls and accessories. I then found a brand called ‘Madame Alexander’ and a website in the UK who sold these dolls My Doll Best Friend I showed my daughter and she picked a doll and here it is.


After raiding my Mum’s knitting pattern collection I found this beautiful cardigan pattern and have started to make it.


I found a lot of the dolls’ patterns look dated but in the right colour I think a lot of them would look modern enough. I picked Cygnet Truly Rich 4ply Yarn in Mauve (include link) and have nearly finished it. I hope to make more items for the new doll (named Hetty – what a cute name!) I’ll post another picture when it’s finished.



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