A Dressing Up Box – In time for Christmas?

I have a three year old who is very into dressing up. You name the outfit, she’ll want to wear it, three must be the age for make believe. Firemen, princesses, cowgirls, police, doctors, even Kipper the dog.

So the plan is that for Christmas this year I’m going to buy a big box and fill it with dressing up clothes, some bargains bought from the pound shops and some things made with my own two hands. As you can see I am starting early, lest we not forget the rush last year to get my family’s knitted presents finished in time (I was still sweating on Christmas Eve I’ll have you know).

So far I have bought the following

– Fairy wand (£4 from a lovely quirky shop near Exmouth)
– Cowboy hat (Bright Pink) from the 98p store
– Cheerleader pompoms again from the 98p store (they have a lot of stuff!)
– Tutu body from the 98p store (I will post pics but this was a bargain! Came in purple or pink and probably costs less than the material would to buy, the plan is to attach a tutu or some strips of net to the bottom for a ballerina/fairy costume).

I have decided to make a princess outfit first, you know the kind of puffy meringue you always dreamed of as a little girl (well I know I did).

The pattern I found is by KwikSew number K903 picture below.
Princess Periwinkle Sewing PatternK3903

How cute! The problem is it also have a dolls version and that got me thinking, I could do matching dolls outfits as well, oh dear! Maybe I should have started planning these Christmas Presents on Boxing Day last year!
Anyway pics to follow of my work in progress, fingers crossed I get it all done in time!


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