V-Stitch / Zig Zag Blanket

I’m currently working on about 5 different blankets so I thought hey, what’s one more?! I’ve seen a lot of posts on Instagram recently about the V-stitch blanket trend so thought I’d give it a go. After trying a few patterns online (a lot of which had chains in between the V and didn’t look how I wanted them to), I finally worked out one that I liked.

The pattern is simple. Make a chain of an even number of stitches. I prefer to use a larger crochet hook to make the chain so it’s not too tight. For this blanket I used a 5mm hook for the chain and then switched to a 4mm hook for the actual blanket.

1st row

Crochet 1 tc (treble crochet UK term) into the 4th chain from hook, skip a chain stitch and then crochet 2 tc in the next chain stitch, so working 2 tc into alternate chains along the work.

2nd row

join a new yarn (if you want each line to have a different colour like I chose to) and chain 4, then work 1 tc into the top V part of the previous stitch. After this simply work 2 tc into each V stitch so the stitches are going into the gap between the 2 treble crochet’s from the previous row. See picture below


Each row change colour and voila

The colours I chose for this blanket are King Cole Pricewise Surf, Lipstick, Salmon and Cygnet DK Saxe, Cloud, Cerise I wanted something blue and pink, I alternated a dark shade and a light shade, I think the salmon shade here makes the blanket as it is a nice bright colour. It really pops!

You can click on the links above to purchase these yarns from JMCrafts Website

I will post more pictures when I’ve finished the blanket and chosen the border :). The finished blanket should be roughly crib blanket size, a great lap or pram sized blanket.

20150405_164550 20150405_180332


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