New venture

It’s been a while since my last post, so thought I’d update with a few makes that I’ve done in the past few months.

I’ve decided to start a new venture as I am constantly crocheting and knitting I thought I may as well start selling some stuff, there’s only so many granny blankets I can fit in my bottom drawer!

If anyone would like to ‘like’ the facebook page here is the address for Off the Hook. Even if you’re a fellow crafter I post regularly about things I’ve made and if you are interested in what other’s create (as I am) then pop along 🙂

Secondly we’ve started stocking Stylecraft yarn which is exciting. I love growing the business and trying out the new stock. I’m loving the vast colour range that the Stylecraft Special DK yarn offers. I think it sits really nicely alongside the Cygnet DK and King Cole Pricewise DK which we have stocked for a while. The colour combinations are what excited me most… the endless possibilities!

11062733_1617784548486518_3384694206760622830_o Since I last wrote I have been working on a few things, mainly hats as I enjoy making them. I’ve crocheted quite a few Super Chunky hats using King Cole Big Value Super Chunky (I especially love the new shades ‘Airforce’ and ‘Rust and think they look rather lovely together as you can see from the pic) and good old Cygnet Super Chunky. 12182879_1617784545153185_3119699814985983947_oThe Super Chunky Prints crochet beautifully into a hat as you can see in this one which uses the fabulously neon shade ‘Flamingo’.

I’ve also been crocheting some blankets. I’ve made another star blanket using one of my free favourite free patterns available here . This one was for a little baby in pink (SNG6) and cream (SNG4) using James C Brett Supreme Baby DK. I love this yarn it is so soft and really good quality considering the price.

Here’s a picture of the blanket, not a very good one but you get the gist.12112145_1613172065614433_2683310567269835584_n

Continuing on the theme of blankets I made what I would call a ‘modern granny blanket’. Blocks of colour and edged in white. For this blanket I used a combination of yarns. King Cole Big Value DK in ‘lipstick’, king cole pricewise dk in ‘baby green’ and ‘surf’ and cygnet dk ‘white’ and ‘pink’ all yarns seem to have a similar tension (as far as I can tell anyway). WP_20150925_10_49_48_Rich

Here’s the finished result.

I love this blanket and am planning to start a similar one in different colours soon.

The latest blanket I made, in fact I only finished it today, was for my son. I wanted something that I can throw over his pram to save buying a foot muff. Unfortunately despite trying to work out how many chains I needed to crochet (I used maths and everything) it didn’t come out right so is probably too big, however I love it so much and couldn’t face undoing it 11222639_1618303221767984_8783159737981651323_nall when I realised the size was a bit skewwhiff. For this blanket I used Stylecraft Special DK in Silver, Grey, Graphite, Duck egg, Sage, Storm Blue, Teal, Meadow, Lime and Gold.

I love the colour combination I think it’s pretty but still boyish. Another bonus is that it goes with my cushions in my living room – I’m sure Alfie will get the blanket…. eventually!


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