Crochet, crochet & more crochet

So I said I wouldn’t leave it so long and for once I stuck to my word, the fact that I have time to write this because ebay is annoyingly on the blink is not the point, I’m still here!

Since my last post I have been working on a few projects, some are finished but most have been added to the ever growing WIP (work in progress) pile.

As well as getting on with the day to day running of JMCrafts I’ve also been working on a few customer orders for Off the hook ( First is for my brother in laws partner.

She requested a purple king size throw for her bed. She helped pick the colours and decided on Emperor, lobelia, violet, bluebell, magenta, boysenberry and Lavender. She wants the border to be in emperor. So far I have made 2 squares and still have another 7 to make. Here’s a picture of the squares so far I love the colours (which are available here in the Stylecraft Special DK range.

Obviously the above project is going to take quite a while but I am planning on getting it finished this year. I also have a star blanket to make for my daughter for which she picked the colours (again from the stylecraft range). I admit I wasn’t entirely enamoured with her choice but now I’ve started working the piece up it looks quite bright and cheery.

I’ve finished another blanket which is for sale. WP_20151120_19_44_22_Rich (002) I wanted to make a simple car seat blanket in aran yarn which means it’s nice and warm and perfect for a newborn. This one is for sale now for £12 plus postage just visit our facebook page if you’re interested 🙂 in any of the items.

Last but not least I am about half way through making a thick striped rainbow pastel blanket. This one is more pram / cot bed sized so perfect for a toddler.  WP_20151123_14_13_52_Rich (002)I’ve made it in a mixture of Cygnet dk (lilac, flesh, pink) and King cole pricewise DK (lemon, baby turquoise, baby sky, skylark, baby green).

Its coming out lovely and this will be for sale when it’s finished.

So that’s all for now, as you can see I’ve been a busy bee! 🙂 Any questions about the yarn please email us at

If you would like a custom item making or would like to purchase an item we have made please email us at or visit our facebook page TTFN x



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